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Managing your organization

In this section, you'll discover the essential steps to structuring your organization within our platform. Learn how to onboard new users by sending invitations and managing their access levels through permission settings. Additionally, this guide will cover how to upload and manage emission factor sources, enabling you the flexibility to use more than just the emission factor source that currently exists in Avarni.

Understanding your data

Dive into the analytics of your emissions data to maximize its utility. This part of the guide focuses on how to effectively use the overview dashboard to get a comprehensive view of your emissions landscape. You'll also learn how to create custom graphs, which will help you visualize data trends and insights specifically tailored to your organizational needs.

Importing your data

Learn how to import your data effectively for scopes 1, 2, and 3, and understand how they are calculated in Avarni. This guide also delves into the methodologies and coverages available for each scope, as well as our emission factor sources. Additionally, you will find instructions on how to create custom fields, allowing you to add any extra data points that are relevant to your organization.

Emissions hub

Explore the capabilities of the Emissions Hub. Learn how to utilize powerful features such as filtering, searching, and reviewing emissions data. This guide will also teach you how to export reports and manage manual entries effectively, enhancing your ability to track and report on emissions accurately.

Forecasting and targets

In this section, you'll learn how to set emissions reduction targets and forecast future emissions within Avarni. Discover how to utilize our forecasting tools to align your sustainability initiatives with your broader strategic objectives. Enhance your organization's journey towards decarbonization by effectively planning and tracking your progress.

Key definitions

In the key definitions section, we outline some important terms related to carbon management and sustainability to enhance your understanding in this critical area.

Frequently asked questions

In the FAQ section, you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Avarni platform. This resource is designed to provide quick, clear information to enhance your experience and understanding of Avarni.